CSR Moped

If you're a fast mover, this is the rack for you!

The original moped design. It clamps on existing rear cargo moped racks and has multiple uses.


Warning CSR user: Do not operate in windy conditions and/or at high speeds. Be sure to install all safety bolts to ensure secure and safe arrival to the surf.

Will the CSR MOPED fit on my Ruckus?

No, but the CSR Small Block will.

I have two racks, one for my moped and one for my bike, can I interchange the carrier arms?

No, we do not recommend this. The carrier arms are designed specific for each rack although they will fit.

Will my rack carry my skateboard?

Yes, all of our rack systems have adjustable arms to hold a variety of lengths of boards.

Can I carry my fishing pole in my rack?


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